How To Backup And Restore Jailbreak iPhone Apps

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that help you achieve the same thing but some of our readers have reported issues using it.
This solution might not work for the jailbreak iPhone app that is not compatible with the current version of iPhone OS.
From the iPhone springboard, tap on the Cydia icon to launch the application.
PkGBackup is available for $3.49 at the Cydia store. Tap on the '
' button on the top of the screen and follow the instructions to complete the payment. You will be able to install the app once the payment transaction is completed.
' button on the top of the screen. Press '
' to begin the installation process.
Once installation is complete, press the large '
' button to complete the process.
From the iPhone Springboard, tap on the PkGBackup icon to launch the application. PkGBackup will now scan all the installed packages/jailbreaks apps.
The application now lists down the list of active packages. Press the blue arrow button to view the complete list of active packages.
You may now choose to disable backup options for individual packages. To do this, tap on the package name from the list of active packages and turn off the '
' option.
With PkGBackup, it is also possible to backup your Springboard layout. To do this, visit the main page of PkGBackup application and turn the '
' option on.
You can now initiate the backup process. Press the '
' button to begin the backing up of your application list.
Once the backup process is complete, the application prompts you to sync your iPhone with iTunes. Tap the OK button and connect your iPhone to iTunes to complete syncing the files. Ensure that iTunes completely syncs with the backup file. The backup process is complete.
Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes. From the list of devices, right click (Ctrl-click) on '
' from the popup menu options.
You are now asked to choose the backup file to restore. If you have more than one backup file in your list, select the appropriate backup file and click the '
' button.
Updating your firmware may have deleted the PkGBackup app from your Springboard. Follow the steps mentioned above in the '
' section to reinstall the app.
From the Springboard, launch the PkGBackup app. The application will indicate the list of active packages as well as the number of packages available from the earlier backup.
If you would like to selectively restore packages, tap on the blue arrow under the '
' section to enable/disable restore options for individual packages.
If you would like to restore the Springboard layout from the backup, turn the option ON from the main page of PkGBackup application.
' button to begin the restoration process. Once the process is complete, you will be prompted to reboot your device. Tap the '
' button.
After the restart, the backed up jailbreak iPhone apps should be available on your iPhone .
As always, let us know how it goes.

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