Can iPad’s Richer Gaming Platform Outdo iPhone’s Success?

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Despite the growth of gaming on iPhone and iPod touch, this could still be just the beginning for Apple as a gaming platform manufacturer. According to a recent article published on the
, the
could be the ideal platform for third party gaming app developers to offer an even richer gaming experience for their users. The potential is not hard to see. With a much bigger screen, the iPad offers a much improved visual experience for gamers compared to the iPhone . Also, the extra pixels on the iPad could bring in the opportunity for a whole lot of additional gaming controls and options that were hitherto unavailable on the
But the most vital improvement to the iPad gaming platform is probably the additional multi-touch input sensors available on the device. The iPad recognizes nearly 11 simulataneous multi-touch inputs, which can provide a gaming experience that is way better and richer than what users have seen with the iPhone or iPod touch.
Having said that, the apparent superiority of the iPad platform over its iPhone OS predecessors is also Apple 's greatest challenge. While there is no doubt that the app developers see a tremendous opportunity in the new medium, fact is that iPad's complete potential shall not be exploited unless iPad-specific games are developed. And that is not likely to happen until the iPad matches the iPhone in terms of the the number of units sold.
. But if the buzz around Apple 's tablet device is anything to go by, we can well guess that the success of the iPad is just a formality waiting to happen.

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