AT&T CEO Claims Variable Pricing Model Is The Future, Sees Less Demand For iPad 3G

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But it now appears that the company still sees an eventual shift towards variable pricing model down the line. Speaking at an investors conference in San Francisco, Randall Stephenson, CEO at AT&T said that he expected the industry to move towards a variable pricing structure in order to accommodate the high bandwidth consuming customers. Stephenson however did not elaborate on whether his company was contemplating such a move in the near future.
Commenting on other issues, Stephenson said that the
was now carrying close to half of the nation's total data traffic. To cater to this increasing demand, he revealed that AT&T was working to increase the data capacity on its network and said he was pleased with the
made so far in high iPhone density areas like San Francisco and New York. However, the AT&T CEO noted that voice quality was still an issue at some places and assured that they shall be fixed by the middle of this year. Speaking about the deployment of next generation technology, Stephenson said that his company was ”
” to deploy LTE infrastructure and said that he expected 4G to roll out by 2012.
Interestingly, despite the
offered by Ma Bell for iPad customers, Stephenson does not see demand picking up for the 3G version of the device. He revealed that his company does not expect any significant increase in network usage and that the consumers would be opting to connect via Wi-Fi instead.
What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with Stephenson that iPad customers would prefer to buy iPad with only Wi-Fi over iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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