Apple Rejects iPhone App That Will Tell You The Radiation Emitted By Your iPhone

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According to the developers of the application, the Tawkon iPhone app uses a variety of parameters like distance from cell phone tower, signal strength, weather condition, terrain, antenna proximity from the body, antenna orientation and travel speed to analyze the iPhone 's dynamic SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). It is to be noted that the iPhone app only ”
” the emitted radiation and may not provide absolute measurements. However, it can be highly useful to users who may want to ensure if calls from a particular location is safe in terms of radiation levels. For instance, calls made from your basement may cause a higher level of radiation to be emitted compared to calls made from your living room and the iPhone app will thus help you in making a judgement on a safer place to make your calls from.
However, we feel that Apple is justified in rejecting the app. Though radiation levels from the iPhone have been deemed to safe enough, applications such as Tawkon may lead to false concerns among users about cellphone radiation affecting their health. This can have larger implications. Nevertheless, Tawkon has indicated that the company shall continue to be optimisic about being approved by Apple . The developers expect to sell the app at a $5-$10 price tag.
What are your thoughts about this iPhone app? Do you think Apple was right in rejecting the iPhone apps? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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