Apple Patent Reveals Work On iGroups For iPhone – Proximity Based Social Networking

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As described in the application, iGroups makes use of ”
” that may be broadcast or received among users within a specific communication range. These tokens may be used to store information that can enable users to connect to specific groups and also use various tools like email and calendar applications to interact with each other. The inventors also elaborate on various embodiments where the technology may be used to invoke specific location based services or call upon remote servers to carry out particular tasks using the tokens received from various users. The technology describes Bluetooth and WiFi as possible medium for exchanging data.
A technology like iGroups can be particularly handy for large conferences where visitors may meet several people but may not be able to exchange contact information with everyone. Under such scenarios, people who activate iGroups on their
may be able to automatically access contact information of other attendees. Alternately, as described in the patent application, visitors to a rock concert may be invited to join a particular iGroup to directly subscribe to services like the band's newsletter. Interestingly, the patent application notes that the technology can overcome problems with insufficient communcation range by ”
” in order to let audience standing outside the communication range of the band to join the group through tokens received from those standing further forward in the crowd.
There are many potential use-cases for such a technology. What do you think of iGroups? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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