Apple Patent Hints At Technology To Replace Conventional Keys With iPhone

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Dubbed the iKey, the technology would let any of the portable electronic devices like the iPhone , iPod or possibly even the
to replace your key. The technology would require the user to pair up their iPhone with the electronic lock on their front door or car. To open the lock, the user has to enter a unique PIN code on the iPhone and wave the device across an electronic pad on the door. If the encrypted data from the iPhone matches with the stored password, the door shall open. Otherwise, the electronic system may send notifications to the owner alerting them of an attempt to open the door.
To be fair, an electronic lock based technology is not exactly new and is already available in the market.
merely describes a technology to use motion detection to generate an input. However, Apple 's invention may pave the way for a future where people may no longer be constrained by the need to manage several physical keys and may replace them with just their handset.
Incidentally, the iKey technology also sheds light on an earlier Apple invention that pertained to the
. As the recently filed patent notes, the communication between the iPhone and the electronic pad lock happens via NFC technology.
An iKey on the iPhone can be a revolutionary move forward for consumer security systems. Do you want an iKey to replace your physical keys? Let us know in the comments.

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