App Store Will Feature An iPad App Section And iBookStore Will Get eBook Categories

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“The App Store will feature new apps designed specifically for iPad. You’ll find hundreds that make the most of its large display, responsive performance, and Multi-Touch interface. iPad apps appear in a special section of the store, so you can find and download them easily.”
However, with
anticipated to become one of the widely used apps on the iPad, Apple is reported to be working on a highly organized ebooks section. According to App Store research firm Busted Loop, there shall be more than 20 categories and 150 subcategories in the iBookstore for users to find ebooks of their choice. Reporting on Busted Loop's study, Forbes writes:
Apple has designated about 20 “top-level” categories for books, including “Fiction & Literature”, “Reference,” “Romance,” “Cookbooks” and “Comics & Graphic Novels.” Below those categories lie more than 150 sub-categories, including some very specific genres, such as “Manga” under “Comics & Graphic Novels,” “Special Ingredients” under “Cookbooks,” and “Etiquette” under “Reference.” Some sub-categories, such as “Fantasy” and “Science Fiction & Literature,” even have sub-sub-categories (“Historical” and “Paranormal,” for example.) There are also two sections for “Erotica” books; one under “Fiction & Literature” and one under “Romance.””
For a perspective, the 160,000+
on the App Store are presently dividied into 20 top level categories with only the Games section having a further categorization.
Book readers, apart from gamers, are likely to constitute one of the significant chunks of iPad's user base and it comes as no surprise that Apple is counting on the iBookstore for iPad's success. What do you think? Will this strategy of focusing on the iPad's eReader functionality help in tackling competition from the likes of Amazon Kindle work? Let us know in the comments.

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