Analysts Predict Next Generation iPhone Will Get A New Form Factor

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, Apple could be attempting to reduce this functionality overlap by reducing the display screen size of the iPhone . He says that by doing so, Apple would be able to position the
more distinctly in the market. Schwarz further says:
“The iPhone turns into your tethering device. It turns into your Internet connection. You only have to pay one bill, one phone bill, and all your devices can connect to a 3G and eventually a 4G wireless network. So in effect what the iPhone becomes for Apple is the glue that holds their mobile ecosystem in place.”
Schwarz is not alone in his prediction. Barclays Capital analyst Ben Reitze too sees a change in iPhone 's form factor very likely with the next upgrade cycle. In a note to clients, Reitze writes:
“iPad yields should improve dramatically throughout the year even if the launch starts out capacity constrained. These developments support upside to consensus forecasts for the iPad, should demand materialize like we think it can. We estimate Apple will sell almost 5 million iPads for CY10; including 1.2 million in the June quarter – which could prove conservative.
… Also, we have increased confidence that Apple will make a big splash this summer with a new iPhone form factor. We believe that the new model will launch with considerable fanfare and expect unit expectations to rise in turn.”
It needs to be noted that these are merely speculations at the moment. However, this is not the first time we have heard of a significant change in iPhone 's form factor. Late last year, we had reported rumors from different sources that claimed that the
could come with a 2.8″ display as compared to the current 3.5″. Back then, we had also noted that this
could be a UMTS/CDMA hybrid model that could launch in Q3 2010.
Frankly, I don't see it happening for two reasons: iPhone and iPad can't be compared, one is a smartphone while the other is a tablet. Apple won't be worried about the overlap with the iPad when it is making decisions on the next generation iPhone 's form factor rather it would look at other so-called
. The second reason: Imagine the effort it would be for iPhone developers to develop
for a smaller screen and current iPhone models.
Do you think the new iPhone will get a new form factor? Let us know in the comments.

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