Amazon Shows Off Kindle App For iPad; May Not Be Available At Launch

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, Amazon's Kindle app for the iPad may not be ready by April 3. The reason, it is said, is because Amazon's app developers are yet to test the
on a real device. Amazon has indicated that the company shall submit the Kindle iPad app to the App Store only after testing the application on an iPad, which could mean that users may have to wait for at least a week or two before they shall be able to access their Kindle ebooks from the iPad.
As we had reported earlier, some iPad developers have early access to the iPad under Apple 's
before the launch date. Since Amazon's Kindle is a direct competition to Apple 's iPad, it is quite obvious that Amazon developers were not provided early access to the iPad. So like many app developers, Amazon has instead chosen to defer the launch of their iPad app. Nevertheless, Amazon's Vice President for Kindle Ian Freed has assured customers that the new application shall be worth the wait. In an interview to the
, Freed has said that his team ”
Kindle is not the only popular ebooks application to be available on the iPad. Apple 's
and is likely to serve as an effective alternative. That makes us wonder if the late launch of Kindle's iPad app may prove costly for Amazon as users move to alternate platforms like iBooks.
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