VoIP Over 3G Comes to iPhone; Apple Finally Lifts Restrictions

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You might recall that VoIP over 3G had not been enabled by AT&T till October of this year. Following an investigation by FCC into possible violations of net neutrality, AT&T
and opened up their 3G network for VoIP based services late last year. However, it is only now that Apple has removed the restrictions from their side.
It is not entirely clear why it has taken so long for Apple to clear up the barriers from their side though. Earlier this month, Skype had claimed that the company had a
ready, which was not been introduced simply because of Apple 's restrictions. Back then we had speculated if Apple was planning to
However with this update, those rumors may be laid to rest. This could also mean that we may expect a new version of Skype that supports VoIP over 3G calling to be available on the
very soon.
do tell us if the quality of the calls is better with the 3G support built into the iPhone app?

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