Is Apple Planning to Also Unveil a Mac Tablet This Year?

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New tablet shall come with a much larger display – as high as 15.4″
are true, it raises several important questions about Apple 's strategy with respect to the Tablet market. One of the primary reasons for the
is to provide Cupertino the control over the software that users can install on the device.
That being the case, why would Apple want to launch another Tablet? It could possibly be because the closed nature of the iPad also makes it easier for competition to penetrate the market with an open platform. With rumors about Google launching their own tablet doing the rounds lately, an open platform from competitors could dent iPad's market share.
In that scenario, Apple could end up losing revenues from not just the iTunes purchases, but also from the sale of the iPad itself. A contingency plan could then be to launch an alternate Tablet device running Mac OS X that could take on competitors like Google. By offering this alternative, Apple can at least ensure that the company does not lose out on the sale of hardware. But even that logic doesn't make sense as an alternate Tablet running Mac would be north of $1000 and won't compete with tablets from competitors as they would be in the price range of the iPad.
A lot then depends on how the iPad fares against competition. It is likely that this so-called Mac Tablet will never see the light of the day if the iPad indeed manages to gain leadership in the tablet market.
Would you be interested in a Mac Tablet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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