iPhone OS 3.2 SDK Released: External Display, File Sharing, No Multi-Tasking, No iPhone Support

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One of the key tools that comes with the SDK is a simulator, which will help developers making apps for
simulate the iPad experience on their Mac for easier debugging. You might recall
regarding the availability of such a tool.
This apart, the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK also offers few interesting features:
External display support for users to connect their iPad to an external monitor with the help of a dock connector.
Shared file directory that will help in file sharing between your iPad and Mac or between your iPad and PC.
Support for universal apps that will seamlessly work on both the iPhone /iPod touch and iPad.
In addition to all this, the tools on the SDK have also given rise to speculations surrounding the availability of an external camera along with the final shipment of the iPad. While the iPad does not come equipped with a camera by itself, the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK however appears to support camera based functions. It is not clear if this is an intentional add-on to the SDK or is part of the legacy code carried over from the earlier version, which was built for the iPhone .
As per the official documentation, iPhone OS 3.2 does not support multi-tasking, which is another major drawback of the iPad, other than the lack of camera and
With a month to go before the iPad launches, it is believed that a majority of application developers would use the new iPhone SDK to make their apps iPad compatible in this time period. This is specially likely in case of
, which are likely to be the most popular apps on the iPad. What do you think?

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