iPhone OS 3.2 SDK: Fourth Gen iPhone Might do 720p HD Video Recording

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had revealed code name for the next generation iPod Touch, while iPhone OS 3.2 SDK, which was released last week had revealed
Engadget is reporting that iPhone OS 3.2 SDK has revealed some more interesting details about
We've been tipped off that a gander at the MediaValidator.plist file reveals a few telling stats: the maximum video width is up from 768 pixels to 1280, and the maximum number of pixels per frame is up to 921,600, which just happens to work out to 1280 x 720. The device's AVC profile has been bumped from 3.0 to 3.1, too, which adds in support for 720p — so yeah, all the signs are there, and industry trends pretty much require that we expect it at this point.
DigiTimes notes that ASUS spin-off Pegatron has allegedly been picked up as an OEM for the N89 (or whatever the new iPhone 's internal code happens to be) — but it won't be alone. The indication seems to be that Foxconn will continue churning out phones for Cupertino, too, perhaps a sign that these guys are expecting the need for more capacity than the old OEM alone can deliver, or that there could be multiple generations in the retail channel (a la 3G / 3GS) at the same time.
With Apple expected to release the new iPhone only in June, we still have a long way to confirm these speculations.
Do you want the next generation iPhone to support 720p HD video recording?

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