Imagination Technologies’ New Mobile GPU Reveals Possible Graphics Support On iPhone 4G

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At present, the graphics display on the iPhone has been bettered by more up-to-date technologies on devices such as
. The PowerVR SGX545 enables superior display of 2D and 3D images along with extensive support for OpenGL 3.2 and OpenCL 1.0.
DirectX10.1 API support
DirectX10 Data assembler support (Vertex, primitive and instance ID generation)
In addition to this, OpenCL 1.0 is expected to offer additional features like 32-bit integer support, 64-bit integer emulation and 3D texture support. With the ability to deliver 40 million polygons per second at 200 MHz, the mobile GPU is said to offer high quality rendering of 3D content. For a perspective, Sony claims a theoretical performance of 33 million polygons per second at 333 MHz for its PSP.
is still a speculation. But considering the likelihood, we could expect the iPhone to not just compete against the smartphones in the future, but also be a viable threat to the likes of PSP. What do you think?

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