How to Set Custom Incoming SMS Alert Tone On Your iPhone

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Hacking your iPhonecould void its warranty. So please proceed with caution and at your own risk.
Please take a backupof your iPhone , refer to
for more details.
From your iPhone Springboard, go to Cydia -> Sections -> Networking -> OpenSSH
Once OpenSSH is selected, tap on the
Once OpenSSH has been installed, tap on
You need to have the sound clip you want to use for the SMS alert on the iTunes Music library. Open iTunes and drag this sound clip from your computer into the iTunes library.
tab, Click on ”
” button.
' option. Select '
Now in the Music library, right click on the sound clip you wish to use and select '
'. You will now see a duplicate version of the sound clip created.
. Actually, there are six incoming SMS tone slots and so you may use any one of
On your iPhone Springboard, press
and tap the blue arrow against your WiFi network. Note down your iPhone 's IP address
from your Applications folder and enter your SSH credentials. Your username shall be '
Enter your password in the next screen to authenticate. You may try '
' if you are not sure of the password. On a side note, please remember to always change your password for security purposes. You can check
to learn to change password.
window and enter '/System/Library/Audio/UISounds/'. Select '
On the right pane of the window, look out for the sound clip you want to replace (
). Right click or Control-click on the file and select '
'. Rename the file to
On the left pane, click on the sound clip file (
) to drag and drop it in the right pane. The sound clip has been replaced. Alternatively, you could also use a tool like
to copy the sound clip to the UISounds folder, which you might find a lot easier.
for your sound clip, locate the sixth sound clip (After
) in the list to start using the new sound file.
As always do let us know how it works at your end.

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