Hack Brings Flash to iPhone (Kind Of)

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While the possibility of the iPhone supporting Flash in the near term appears bleak, Tobias Schneider, a Munich based developer has come up with an excellent workaround that will enable users to view Flash on their iPhone . Named Gordon after the Thirties Sci-fi hero, this is a Javascript based project that will help Flash developers bring their projects to the iPhone .
and is merely a script, it is not bound by the iPhone 's SDK EULA and so can be legally used without any need for
or having to void your warranty otherwise. There are a few limitations though. Firstly, Gordon can execute Flash only within the iPhone Safari web browser. Secondly, it requires all Flash files to be embedded within an HTML code and also include a few more lines of code on every page that contains Flash. Thirdly, the Javascript workaround is very CPU-intensive which means it shall drain your battery in no time.
These limitations would mean not too many Flash developers would feel compelled to make the move to Gordon. However, Schneider has open-sourced the project and there is a possibility of other developers fine-tuning the script to overcome these issues in future. Though this might not eventually take off to a great extent, this is nevertheless an interesting project which deserves special mention.
If you are curious to check out Gordon, head over to
to view it first hand. As always, let us know what you think.

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