Facebook App Version 3.1 Released – Introduces Push Notification And Contact Syncing

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You no longer have to constantly check back on your app for new updates.
Users will now be able to receive a popup notification whenever somebody writes on your wall or comments on your status messages. As MG Seigler from
notes, this could let you to interact more passively with your Facebook data.
One of the other significant introductions in the new version of the Facebook app is the ability to sync your Facebook friends with your iPhone address book. This new syncing feature allows you to replace your address book contact pictures with those from Facebook.
These are no wonder very exciting updates to the existing platform. But it is interesting that it has taken quite a while for the updates to be implemented. Our readers might recall that Joe Hewitt had hinted at an
back in October of last year. It is not clear if the delay had something to do with
. As always, do let us know what you feel about the new features in the comments section below.

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