Dual Version Of Apple Tablet Likely?

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As is obvious, Apple wouldn't want the Tablet's popularity to be affected the same way. Yesterday, we wrote about the possibility of the Tablet coming with both
. According to sources Fox News has now spoken to from the two companies, a non-exclusive Tablet deal is indeed very likely.
Apparently, Apple will be offering two versions of the Tablet; one running on CDMA network and the other on GSM. But as the sources claim, Apple 's agreements with the
itself is yet to be finalized. This is significant because in the absence of an agreement, Apple might not be in a position to reveal the price of the device when it is unveiled next week.
That being said, the Tablet launch could be a major litmus test for both these carriers. Despite
, it has so far been an apples-to-oranges comparison. Not only did the networks differ in their fundamental network technology, but also the sale numbers of Droid and iPhone were vastly different. With the launch of the
, that could change as the data usage from a media device like the Tablet would be far higher than that consumed by smartphones and could be the perfect setting to see which of the two networks performs better.
Verizon spokesman Jeff Nelson who recently confirmed that his company was contemplating tiered pricing structure for upcoming Tablet devices from the different manufacturers also said the company was not worried about higher data usage from such devices. Comparing his company's network to AT&T's, Nelson said
“Our 3G network covers 287 million Americans. We didn't build a network and then cross our fingers that devices would work on it. When we built our network we built it with these devices in mind. AT&T didn't, and that's the difference.”
Evidently, the battle between the two companies has already begun. Which of the two carriers will you personally go with? Tell us in the comments.

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