Does Apple’s Acquisition of Lala Indicate a Shift Towards a Cloud Based Music Service?

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However, Michael Robertson, the former CEO of who is currently with MP3Tunes says Apple has a much bigger agenda on its list. According to him, Apple 's acquisition of Lala is the first step in moving towards a cloud music service where all of the users' existing library of content would reside online and which can be accessed from anywhere using any of Apple 's devices –
, Apple TV, etc.
Robertson claims that one of the major indications for this comes from the fact that Lala's agreement with major labels is non-transferable and hence an acquisition of the company from a subscription-based-business point of view does not make much sense. With more than 100+ million iTunes users, a simple interface to purchase new music and an easy interface to stream and play music from your library, a cloud based music service will propel Apple to the forefront of media business.
Michael Robertson's views make a lot of business sense. By letting users backup all of their music library with iTunes, Apple 's strategy not only makes its users more dependent and loyal to their service, but by also offering compatibility across all Apple devices, the company offers the users an incentive to stick to Apple devices.
In fact, a cloud music service has also been our speculation. Readers might recall
towards a scenario where the memory space on your iPhone could no longer be a limiting factor to the number of songs and applications you use on the device.
We would like to hear from you on what you make of a cloud based service. Considering that a typical iTunes user owns at least a few gigabytes of music, does a cloud service actually make sense? Please tell us in the comments.

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