Barnes & Noble BookStore On Apple Tablet Likely

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The information available so far has been pretty sketchy at best. However, an iTunes book section is only one possibility. It is also likely that the B&N app, which is already present on the
, will be made available as a ”
” that would come pre-installed on the Tablet.
Either way, this could be a major scoop for the book retailer whose major competitor in the recent past has been Amazon. While a deal with Apple could cannibalize the sale of B&N's Nook reader in the near term, that is likely to be more than compensated with a default B&N bookstore on the Tablet. Such a deal could also be potentially devastating to the sale of Amazon Kindle.
Barnes & Noble is not the only publisher whose names have been doing the rounds, however. Last week we had quoted Harper-Collins CEO as saying that his company was looking to
. Also, McGraw Hill CEO
details about their partnership with Apple recently.
It is not clear how Apple 's purported partnership with Barnes & Noble will affect other partnerships like the one with Harper-Collins. Nevertheless, this is one of the many interesting things Apple would be communicating in the media event and we will let you know as that happens.

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