AT&T’s Network Woes at CES Highlights Limitations Of Mobile Web

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While this should not come as a surprise to any of us, AT&T's problems in the CES highlights one of the biggest limitations of wireless web.
when AT&T let its subscribers down. But the problem here is not just AT&T's poor capacity level, but the finite capacity of wireless web. As a spokesperson for AT&T says:
“In preparation for CES, we optimized our network in Las Vegas by significantly augmenting our network capacity. However, at an event such as CES, where large numbers of people in a dense area are using smartphones over finite spectrum, periods of network congestion can occur. Our network engineers on site continue to take steps to optimize our network as needed for the large number of mobile broadband customers at CES.”
In a gathering such as the CES, almost everyone is tech-savvy, which means a whole lot of them is bound to carry a smartphone with them. In such situations where thousands of people try accessing the web using a couple of neighborhood cell sites, it is inevitable that data clogging occurs. CES is just an exaggeration of the problem AT&T has been facing in cities such as New York and San Francisco.
However, the irony is problems like these, would continue to exist wherever large gatherings assemble. With a barrage of
entering the market, other operators too are likely to face AT&T's troubles sooner than later.
for special events such as the CES or the Super Bowl where large number of users inside a small area can clog the network. However, a much simpler short term solution would be for smartphone manufacturers like Apple to move away from exclusive partnerships.
Smartphone manufacturers would well realize that while exclusive partnerships help them to sell their devices at much competitive prices and thus result in increased revenues, the success of such partnerships is often detrimental to the customer service levels – something that iPhone users have now been facing.
might not bring us the devices at ultra-cheap prices, but customers can expect a much better service level throughout.
What is your view on this? Do you think this can be done? Tell us in the comments.

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