AT&T CMO “OK” With Data Hogs, Says Network Upgrade Is Priority

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In an interview to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), David Christopher, the CMO at AT&T emphasized that improving the network infrastructure was their top priority and it was the only way to overcome network congestion challenges the company is facing today. He said:
“We are expanding daily. It’s job one and priority one to make the best network possible”
Going a step ahead, Christopher also insisted that his company was actually ”
” with users consuming excessive bandwidth – a stance no AT&T official has ever taken before. In his words
“There is a data explosion out there. But we’re also at the bleeding edge of knowing how to deal with it. We’re going to be better equipped to handle this new wave of capability. What’s pushing it is certain users using an inordinate amount, and that’s OK”
across the country, with work having been
. Few of our readers had also
on an earlier article that they had noticed improved connectivity in the past few days. Part of the refreshing change in AT&T's approach could also be attributed to the growing confidence in the company about tackling the network problems with deployment of this new technology.
Having said that, we feel this is also the appropriate way to address the issue at hand. Stifling data usage was never going to be a long term strategy to meet consumer expectations and the only way to address this was by building better infrastructure. With the imminent launch of
and a host of other competitor devices, one can expect wireless data consumption to surge ahead of current levels in the next few months. Also, with Apple likely to end its exclusive agreement with AT&T later this year, the only way to beat competition is by bettering network service levels.
How do you like the new approach of AT&T? Do you see network connectivity improving in the next few months? Please tell us in the comments.

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