AT&T Completes Software Upgrade for HSPA 7.2 3G Technology; Working on Backhaul Upgrades for 3G Speed Boost

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According to a statement issued by the company, a software upgrade necessary for the deployment of
has now been completed across all the 3G cell sites. Does this mean AT&T subscribers now get to enjoy improved connectivity levels? Unfortunately, AT&T reminds that only half the job is done as yet. Ma Bell is still in the process of increasing the number of high speed backhaul connections to the cell sites with the help of fiber optic cables.
As of now, AT&T is working on the backhaul connections in only six American cities, namely Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and Miami. All
users in these cities can expect better performing networks soon. In fact, the company says that the new capabilities have already been turned on in a select few sites. The rest of USA will have to wait till the end of this year or early next year in order to enjoy improved network performance.
Speaking about the company's plans for the future, John Stankey, the CEO of AT&T Operations has indicated that work on network capacity improvements will continue beyond HSPA 7.2 technology deployment. Stankey says:
“As we light up new backhaul connections across the country, we’re able to deliver a meaningful 3G speed boost for millions of customers who are already using HSPA 7.2-compatible devices. At the same time, we’re also looking to the future with these backhaul enhancements, which will support our move to next-generation LTE technology starting in 2011.”
across its network which is expected to be operational by 2011. With the country's two biggest carriers inching towards deployment of better networks, the days of network congestion and poor connectivity may finally be coming to an end.
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