Apple’s Official iPad Video Reveals Support for Flash?

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The video, which is embedded below shows
being accessed from the iPad. What is interesting is that two sections of the
website – Travel and Video are built on Flash. Despite this, the iPad demoed on the video does not show any difficulty in rendering Flash. While it is possible that the video was tweaked to help market the device better,
argues otherwise. They write:
“Normally, we'd say that Apple simply did the renders in the Mac version of Safari and just CG'ed it into the video.
However, you can see the page rendering and being resolution independent as well, so it is likely being done on an iPad. Note the iPad simulator in Dev Tools also doesn't render Flash.”
While we are skeptical about it at this point, it would still be interesting if the iPad indeed comes with Flash. While Steve Jobs did not confirm the availability of software, he did not deny it either and that makes it all the more intriguing.
What do you think? Will iPad come with Flash support? What do you infer from the video? Please do tell us your thoughts.

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