Apple’s Invite Reveals Its “Latest Creation” to be Unveiled On January 27; Demo iPhone OS 4.0

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, Apple is also expected to demo
and a new version of iLife 2010 software. While rumors about
has been doing the rounds lately, this is the first time that we are hearing about the launch of iLife as well.
As the D-Day draws closer, we have also been hearing about a few partnerships that Apple is possibly working on.
writes that HarperCollins Publishers could be working with Apple to bring their e-books to the Tablet. Though it is not clear if there would be a dedicated ebook platform to sell their ebooks or if HarperCollins would sell their content via iTunes, the
appears to fit their scheme of things better than other rivals including Amazon Kindle would. According to Brian Murray, the CEO of HarperCollins, the company is looking to launch ebooks enhanced with videos, author interviews and social networking applications. As WSJ reports, enhanced ebooks, which can fetch a better market price would only work on a platform like Tablet and not Kindle.
This is not all. It is also reported that
shall be announcing a partnership with Apple to offer their newspaper content on the Tablet. The NY Times has been rumored to be moving to a paid model for the distribution of digital content and
that the company has had with Apple over the years, an agreement of this kind appears likely.Though details regarding this are sketchy at the moment, this is another company Apple could possibly be working with.
and it is possible that Apple is banking on such exclusive partnerships to bring added value to their customers. What do you think? Will these partnerships work? Please tell us in the comments.

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