Apple Working On Solar Powered iPhone/iPod?

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” describes a circuitry that will operate multiple solar cells placed along the exterior casing of an iPod or iPhone . The inventors explain that the circuitry is configured in such a way that even if a portion of the casing is blocked from sunlight, the system should still generate power from the rest of the casing that is still exposed to light. The inventors write:
“In response to determining that one or more of the solar cells is generating a reduce voltage output (e.g., due to a partial obstruction of one or more of the solar cells), the connections among the solar cells can be configured to generate a constant preset voltage, as long as a subset of the solar cells is operating. The voltage generated by the solar cells can then be boosted to a value suitable for powering the portable electronic device and/or any of its individual components.”
The invention is focused at producing a hybrid iPhone /iPod that will be powered by both solar energy and battery. However, this invention needs to be taken with a grain of salt. As
points out, Apple has a tendency to file a lot of interesting
many of which never see the light of the day.
Nevertheless, this is an exciting invention that could go a long way in solving iPhone 's prevailing battery woes. With an amazing number of applications available to perform a wide variety of tasks, battery power is becoming a very critical differentiator among smartphones. This is also apparently one of the main reasons why Apple has not introduced
yet. A solar powered iPhone could then be the future of smartphone power management.
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