Apple Tablet’s Software Will be The ‘Game Changer’ and Won’t be Priced ‘Anywhere Near’ The $1,000 Mark

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Folks at 9 to 5 Mac have summarized the information they have received from their contacts in the publishing industry. According to them:
Apple is expected to have some kind of agreement in place with major publishers by Wednesday.
Apple is pitching itself against Amazon’s model, which is probably the reason Amazon recently announced a new “70% royalty option” for authors and publishers.
Apple wants to deal directly with publishers to eliminate companies that server as the middle-men.
A large library of e-book content for the tablet is expected only by “mid-2010 at the very earliest”.
The tablet was described as “a very-readable 10-inch glass screen smaller in size than the Kindle DX with a similar weight.”
Apple Tablet’s software will be the “game changer”.
Apple 's tablet won’t be priced “anywhere near” the $1,000 mark.
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