Apple Tablet Will Support Multiple Carriers Including Verizon, Will Require Steep Learning Curve

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” in this case. According to him, the Apple Tablet will take off from where Kindle left and will focus on more than just text-based content. In his words,
“It will be an e-reader, that's certain. Amazon sold two million Kindles in the second half of last year. Clearly, the market is much larger than what I expected. So Apple 's tablet will be an e-reader, but also a TV viewer and more. For Apple , content is the focus of the tablet.”
Though Apple has been focusing on providing different forms of content via the same platform, the way users interact with these different content forms could vary. According to a source quoted by the folks at
, the Apple Tablet could require users to undergo a significant learning curve. While the exact details about this is not yet known, it is believed that the interface-level engagement could differ based on the content bring consumed. You might remember our earlier article where Apple executives had remarked that
about the way they interact with the Tablet.
. With the production and build up plan for the device already underway, it is believed that the company has chosen to do away with Intel Atom chips and instead use the processor chips from PA Semi. PA Semi was acquired by Apple couple of years ago.
With just few more days to go, stay tuned for newer updates on the Tablet. Meanwhile, what do you make of these new developments? Please tell us in the comments.

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