Apple Tablet To Be Christened iPad?

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'. This was a name that Slate Computing LLC, Apple 's purported shell company trademarked back in 2007. However, it now appears that Apple has different plans on how it should call its Tablet device.
could be named 'iPad'. Interestingly, two other companies had filed for the '
' trademark at around the same time in July of last year in two other places: UK and Hong Kong. While the filing in UK was made by a law firm, it was filed by a company named '
' in Hong Kong. This company has also filed the trademark application for IPAD in New Zealand and Australia earlier this week.
There is no clear evidence that these firms are dummy corporations set up by Apple . However, it is interesting that both Slate Computing LLC and IP Application Development LLC are based out of Delaware, USA. Also, of interest is the fact that the trademark for IPAD in the US currently belongs to Fujitsu. It is to be seen how Apple , assuming the rumors are true, plans to tackle this trademark issue in US. As
points out, even the ”
” trademark belonged to Cisco at the time the phone was launched.
Considering that so many virtually unknown firms have filed for the IPAD trademark in about the same time, it is likely that the Apple Tablet could be christened '
' after all. How do you like the name? Please tell us in the comments.

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