Apple Tablet Rumor Scorecard

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The rumor mills got this one right. While a lot of names like iSlate, iGuide and iTablet did the rounds initially, we nearly
name later. Kudos to folks at
for pulling this one off.
9.7″ diagonal display:
, especially after it was confirmed by Kaifu Lee, ex-President of Google China. Turned out to be slightly wrong.
. Though this was later officially retracted, it was believed to have been an indication. Turned out to be incorrect.
. They had claimed that the users would be ”
” about the way they interact with the device. While the touchscreen is no doubt multi-touch, the other predictions went awry.
The iPad was widely expected to come with an OLED screen. However, Barry Young, the MD of OLED Association
citing the low production capacity levels of manufacturers. And he turned out to be right in this case.
. This turned out to be partially correct. While Apple decided to equip the iPad with their own processor chips, there is no doubt that this is indeed a much faster device.
iPhone OS 3.2:
as well, the other speculation about
coming with an SDK for app developers gained wide traction and ultimately turned out to be correct.
. While the iPad will indeed deliver improved graphics performance, it does not however come with 3D Graphics.
got this one right. The iPad will indeed come with
of the iPad.
A lot of analysts speculated that the iPad will be available on multiple carriers. In fact, a couple of days back, it was widely reported that
was scheduled to coincide with Apple 's media event. Quite unexpectedly, the device launched with AT&T's data plans.
was likely. As it has turned out, the CDMA iPad is not coming.
Yet another front where Kaifu Lee went wrong. The most expensive of the models will come at $829 less than the $1000 price tag.
The Wi-Fi version of the iPad is expected to launch in March while the 3G version will launch in April. Quite a few sources revealed
would force Apple to delay the launch till June of this year. So incorrect on this one.
Apple was expected to unveil a dedicated bookstore for eBooks. While we got it right, it was widely anticipated to be an
. That part turned out to be wrong as Jobs announced the
with books from five major publishers and more publishers in the future.
Overall, the rumors were a mixed bag. While we got few vital aspects of the Tablet wrong, we're surprised at the number of rumors and speculations that turned out to be correct or partially correct.
Is the Apple iPad, the Tablet you expected?

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