Apple Tablet Could be a Thinner, Larger iPhone With Double-Dock Connectors

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The similarities don't end there. Like
, the Tablet might also come equipped with a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack, speaker grills, microphone, GPS, 3G connectivity and a 30 pin dock connector. However, one thing the Tablet will differ in is the thickness ratio. The sources have revealed that the Tablet will proportionally be thinner than the iPhone .
Having said that, we may also expect to see some aesthetic improvements from the iPhone design.
writer Jeremy cites his sources as claiming that the Tablet will come with double dock connectors – one on the vertical bottom edge and the other on the horizontal bottom edge enabling you to mount and charge the device both in the landscape and portrait mode, which we hope will also allow us to connect a keyboard or mouse via Bluetooth while it is docked.
Jeremy further states that like the original iPhone , the Tablet might also come with a long rear side antenna compartment. According to him, the longer stripe could mean larger antennas and possibly
which is however just speculation at the moment.
With similarities with iPhone established, what does it mean to users? One indication is that the
could be positioned as a device specifically for media such as movies, eBooks, newspapers, etc. that are not user friendly on a smaller device like
. However, it will be interesting if users see a justification for a higher priced device given the utility. What do you think?

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