Apple Removes iPhone App After Developers Get ‘Cease And Desist’ Notice from Hollywood

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The app in question is SuperAgent, developed by an Irish firm called Factory Six. The lead agent character in the game is named ”
” which also happens to be the name of WME Entertainment CEO, Ari Emanuel. WME has a lot of popular celebrities including Ben Affleck, Robert De Niro in their clientele. In the letter sent to the app developers, the company writes
“The game uses the name 'Ari' for the main character, which clearly is a reference to Mr Emanuel, the co-chief executive officer of WME, one of the world's premier talent agencies.[It] clearly intends to capitalise on using Mr Emanuel's and WME's names for the game and possibly mislead the public into thinking that Mr Emanuel and/or WME endorse the game – effectively trading off the goodwill, reputation and fame established by our clients.”
Commenting on the development, Factory Six creator Oisin Hanrahan told
“. Hence, it was a reference to Hollywood agencies in general and not to any particular person.
While Apple 's decision to remove the iPhone app with immediate effect might surprise a lot of our readers, the
staff probably has no choice when it comes to legal disputes between two third parties where Apple is itself just an intermediary. Under such circumstances, the company could do little but wait for the dispute to be settled before the iPhone app can be included again.
While this has no doubt been a major blow for the app development firm, the app developers might have well realized that they were treading a risky path here. We are not sure if the company is planning a relaunch of the app with a different character name. However, that seems likely considering that this case has brought a lot of publicity to the
What do you think about this issue? Do you think Apple acted in haste? Please tell us your views in the comments.

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