Apple Refuses to Return Stolen iPhone to Rightful Owner

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was robbed a couple of weeks back. This week, she got a call from Apple CareService as her email address is still associated with it. Apparently, the thief had requested for a replacement phone since the original had a software malfunction. Despite Alisa's plea that the phone was hers, Apple said that their hands were tied since Alisa had not filed any police complaint. This, even after Alisa got the police officials to speak to the Apple customer service. Apple 's point has been that Alisa had no police complaint filed to prove that her handset was lost and so they really cannot trust Alisa's version of the story though they empathize with all that she had to go through.
This is indeed a curious case and it is sad that a loyal Apple customer had to go through this with the very company she trusted. And it is exactly this that has caused a lot of prominent bloggers to speak against Apple 's stand.
While this does look like a simple problem that Apple can solve by choosing to hand the phone back to the rightful owner, one does wonder if that would indeed be the rightful decision. It cannot be. Apple is right in the fact that Alisa cannot be handed over the phone simply because she happened to own the phone previously. There is no way to find out if the phone got a new owner as a result of a robbery or because Alisa sold her phone. And a police complaint is the only way anyone can decide if the phone was actually stolen or it was given away.
Nevertheless, we do feel sorry for Alisa. However, the take-away from this story is if you are robbed of something yourself, do not forget to file a police complaint.
What do you think? Do you think it would be unfair for Apple to not handover the phone to Alisa? Please tell us your opinion in the comments.

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