Apple Pulls Down – Is This An Indication Of Apple Tablet Launch?

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is now reporting that the content of the website has now been pulled down. now points to a parked page. The domain name however continues to remain under the ownership of FingerWorks founder, Wayne Westerman who is currently an engineer at Apple .
point out, this could be possibly owing to the impending launch of the
which is expected to come with a lot of multi-touch gestures originally developed by FingerWorks. For instance, FingerWorks' MacNTouch Gesture Keyboard replaced mouse operations like point, click, drag, scroll and zoom with finger gestures that was seamlessly integrated with touch-typing – something we could be expecting in the Apple Tablet.
The pull down of the website could also be partly because the contribution from the FingerWorks team extends beyond the technology they developed as an independent company. Wayne himself is an author of an Apple patent filed more than a year back that dealt with swipe gestures for touchscreen keyboards. This patent which was reported here on
in December 2008 talked about gestures such as single-finger left swipe to delete a character, two finger left-swipe to delete a word and a three finger swipe to delete a line. You can check out our article on the
It is quite possible that some of these patented gestures too are made available on Apple Tablet. What do you think? Is the shutting down of FingerWorks website an indication of the availability of these technologies on the Tablet? Let us know what you think.

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