Apple iPad Will go on Sale From March 1 For $600?

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In the tweet, a screenshot of which is embedded below, the company informs that the
will go on sale from March 1. For their German customers, Media Markt informs that the device will be priced at 499 Euros ($703) with a T-Mobile contract and at 899 Euros ($1267) unsubsidized. Folks at
point out that comparing this price with the price of MacBook and Mac Mini in Germany would indicate the corresponding price in US market to be around $500-$600 in case of a subsidized Tablet and $999 for the unsubsidized version.
This is by far the closest we have come to an official partner revealing critical information about the soon-to-be-launched device. Earlier, France Télécom VP Stephane Richard
on the Apple Tablet only for his company to clarify later that they were misinterpreted. In this case however, we are skeptical about the launch dates considering that more than one source have
which would push the launch dates close to the mid of 2010.
Nevertheless, being a close partner of T-Mobile, it is quite likely for Media Markt to have received authentic information on the Tablet pricing and launch dates. However, we shall take this with a grain of salt and keep our fingers crossed
What do you feel? Would you take the tweet posted by Media Markt seriously? What do you think about the $600 price tag for the subsidized Tablet and $1000 for the unsubsidized one? Tell us in the comments.

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