App Approval On Steroids – iPhone Apps Approved Within Hours

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. Back then we had written that these apps were approved with a note to developers that such violations should be rectified in the subsequent updates.
Now we are hearing that the approval process overall has become a lot more quicker as well. According to an article on
, newly submitted apps no longer take weeks to be approved. Instead, it has taken only a matter of few hours for developers to get their apps approved by the
It is not exactly clear what has caused this sudden improvement in app approval time. You might recall that Apple has a normal
and in worst cases, it has also taken
for some iPhone apps to be approved. Apple has not commented on whether this new change is simply because of a better optimized approval process or because more reviewers have been added. In either case, this is very good news for app developers worldwide.
We would like to know from the application developers reading our site on their personal experiences. Have you noticed quicker approval rates of late? Please tell us in the comments.

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