XM SkyDock commandeers iPhone’s display, car’s speakers

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XM SkyDock commandeers iPhones display, cars speakers

The XM Skydock allows users to choose and listen to satellite radio with an iPhone and a car stereo.

Sirius XM Radio

Taking advantage of the iPhone OS 3.0’s ability to make use of accessory-specific apps, Sirius XM Radio has introduced its XM SkyDock iPhone dock, which features an XM satellite radio tuner that is controlled using your iPhone ‘s touchscreen.

According to XM Sirius’ press release:

Designed for easy use through the existing vehicle audio system, SkyDock has a built-in XM tuner controlled by a free App that users download from the App Store. The App allows control of the XM tuner using the capabilities of the iPod touch or iPhone Multi-Touch user interface. SkyDock will also charge iPod Touch and iPhone devices while listening to live satellite radio.

XM SkyDock commandeers iPhones display, cars speakers

The XM Skydock utilizes your iPhone 's screen to do its dirtywork.

Sirius XM Radio

iTunes Tagging is also featured, so if you hear a song on an XM music channels, it can be tagged and later purchase from the iTunes Store. Other features include game alerts and sports ticker, artist and song alerts as well as a stock ticker.

The XM SkyDock gets its power from the vehicle’s 12-volt power port and connects to the stock radio with an aux-input cable (included). Also in the box are a Magnetic Mount Antenna and spacers to accommodate the various iPod touch and iPhone product generations.

XM SkyDock is compatible with iPod touch (1st and 2nd generation), iPhone , iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS running iPhone OS 3.0 or later. XM SkyDock will be sold in stores and at www.shop.xmradio.com with an MSRP $119.99 in fall 2009.

The cheapest standalone receiver in XM’s catalog goes for about $89 and features a three-line monochrome display, so for your extra $30, you gain the ability to use your iPhone ‘s glossy color screen. However, with TomTom’s $220 iPhone cradle/app combo catching so much flack because of it’s high sticker price relative to cheaper standalone PNDs, we wonder how the XM SkyDock’s pricing will be received by the public.

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