Vonage VoIP App for iPhone Released; Works Over Wi-Fi and Cellular Network

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Developers have always had to face rough weather getting theirVoIP iPhone Appsapprovedas AT&T restricts such apps to work only over Wi-Fi. Apple has in fact particularly agreed to consult AT&T before approving any app that is VoIP based. As a result, VoIP apps including those of
. Apple and Google are at logger-heads currently over the former's
The approval of the Vonage iPhone app should come as a breather for Google since their app functions pretty similar to that of Vonage's. The Vonage app works over Wi-Fi hotspot and also on the cellular network. When users dial an international number, the iPhone app makes a call to a local Vonage number which then routes the call over their VoIP network to the international number. The Google Voice app also works in a similar way, it dials a special Google phone number using the standard voice network, and then routes the call to its destination.All this makes us wonder why Apple stillhasn'tapproved Google Voice iPhone app.
Michael Tempora, Senior Vice President of Products at Vonage has clarified that their iPhone app would not consume AT&T's data network to make their calls at this point, but hopes that it will be allowed someday by wireless carriers like AT&T. The rates presently vary by country. However, Vonage is likely to introduce a flat-rate plan with a recurring subscription fee for regular callers.
Stock Market seems to love the news of Vonage service on the iPhone , Vonage shares are up more than 12% currently.
If you are a Vonage subscriber, please download their free iPhone app from
(US only) and let us know your experience in the comments.

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