University Scientists Hack iPhone API for True Augmented Reality Application

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can highly enhance the AR technology that is available on the iPhone today. The present crop of Augmented Reality
and Layar merely work on producing data on top of the camera view. The camera view here merely helps in pulling the related GPS information. However, the scientists have now made it possible to analyze what is actually seen on the camera.
As a demonstration of the potential use cases, the team has shown how the software built with the new iPhone API can look into a 2D image drawn over a piece of paper, project into 3D and simulate the laws of physics. Unveiling the software at the Games Alfresco blog, author Ori Inbar calls this the “dawn of an era of user-generated Augmented Reality”.
While the potential use-cases are virtually unlimited, it is unlikely that we will get to see any high value real AR apps released to the iPhone users in the short run. The software is built upon a private API that has been hiterto kept inaccessible to the
. Apple 's policing over the iPhone app approval process is pretty well known and so the release of this software is definitely not going to amuse the high command at Cupertino.
route. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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