Two Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone You Don’t Want To Miss

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ReadWriteWeb writes about Cyclopedia and Wikitude – twoaugmented reality (AR) apps that were released for the iPhone this past week. Cyclopedia primarily 'augments' Wikipedia content to your geographical location to provide you information about what you are looking at. For instance, if you are beside a large waterfall and point your iPhone camera over it, Cyclopedia gathers your exact position using the iPhone GPS and also the direction you are looking at to ascertain information about what you are looking at, pulls the information from Wikipedia about the waterfall and displays it to you. As it should be obvious, the app only works on
since it needs to use the digital compass. Cyclopedia costs $2 on the
Wikitude takes it one step further. This app was already available on the Android since a few months back and only recently launched on the iPhone . Unlike Cyclopedia which pulls content just from Wikipedia, Wikitude brings in a user collaboration system. With Wikitude, not only can users read content from Wikipedia and Qype, an international local review site, but also lets users add points of interest using an interface at
If you own an iPhone 3GS, go ahead and download Cyclopedia (
) right away and please do let us know how you find these iPhone apps.

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