Trillian IM: Apple’s sitting on our iPhone app

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Trillian IM: Apples sitting on our iPhone app

Cerulean Studios

Trillian IM users on the PC or Web who have been waiting to chat with Trillian on the iPhone will have to wait a while longer.

According to Trillian maker Cerulean Studios, Apple has been sitting on Trillian’s submission for the last two months without a peep to indicate a problem with the app’s content or the quality.

Apple has become known for hemming and hawing over apps that may compete with Apple or with AT&T’s services, but Trillian is by no means the only all-in-one chat app trying to make it in the App Store. Palringo, Palringo Lite, IM+, and Beejive have been live for months.

It is also not unusual for apps to be approved in two or three weeks. For Cerulean Studios, which is eager to take its chatting experience to-go, any news at this point is good news.

Trillian Astra is a freemium multinetwork instant messenger that provides basic services for free and unlocks premium features in a paid pro upgrade.

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