TomTom iPhone car kit shows up in Apple Store

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TomTom iPhone car kit shows up in Apple Store


TomTom’s iPhone cradle for iPhone has quietly made its way into the Apple Store. So, if you’re an iPhone user with an extra $120 bucks burning a hole in your pocket for a navigation accessory (or $220, if you don’t already own TomTom’s navigation app), pop over to the Apple Store for a look.

According to TomTom’s representative, the Apple Store product page is for preorders and TomTom has not yet announced a specific date for the product’s availability. If Apple ‘s claim that the product ships in 2-3 weeks is true, we should be seeing it soon, rather than later.

We’ve already questioned the value of a $120 phone cradle. The general consensus among our readers was that the price is a bit steep for an accessory, even with the inclusion of the uprated GPS receiver, 12 volt charger, and speakerphone. We’ll be able to put the issue to rest when we finally get our unit in for testing.

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