Syncing iPhone and iPod Touch With Linux Now Possible

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The problem that existed with the sync to work with Linux was due to customized USB communications protocol on the iPhone which could not be recognized by most non-Apple devices. Also, a new hash that came with the
only made developing a syncing function all the more tedious.
According to the solution developed by Hector, an advanced API is provided by libusb-1.0 to connect to the USB devices. Another software called the usbmuxd then helps coordinate with the iPhone or iPod Touch USB protocol. With the help of a few more software like the libiphone, iFuse and the iPod library software, libgpod, the syncing is complete.
According to Hector, this solution also works perfectly over music management software for Linux such as Amarok and Rhythmbox. Also, this solution works better with
as you can SSH over USB, which is lot faster than over Wi-Fi.
If you are a Linux user, you may download the download the required tools by
. Also, please don’t forget to tell us your experience in the comments.

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