Sync Files Between Your Computer And iPhone With DropBox App

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DropBox should be pretty handy for most users. The service lets you store up to 2GB for free on their service. Paid users get up to 50GB for $10 a month and 100GB for $20 a month. Registered users will have to first download the desktop application in order to upload their files on the cloud. This can be later accessed from any other computer with internet access including their iPhone .
The iPhone app for DropBox is free to download. There are some impressive features that come with the iPhone app. Firstly, as on the desktop, the iPhone app too lets you share your docs with other DropBox users. With lots of your friends on DropBox, that could mean a pretty massive cloud of files!The DropBox app is very well integrated with iPhone 's camera API.
users get to upload videos too.
Another cool aspect about the DropBox app is the ability to stream music and movies straight from the cloud to your iPhone without any significant delay. This is another aspect which most of us would love with a free app. If you have downloaded the iPhone (
), kindly let us know your experience and any other cool features that we might have missed.

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