Popular Rhythm Game Rock Band Coming To iPhone

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Quite similar to the console version of Rock Band, the iPhone version of the game shall provide iMusicians to choose between four modes – vocals, drums, bass and guitar. The game is played by tapping the screen on the right notes. Each of the four modes come in three levels of difficulty, intuitively named Easy, Medium and Hard.
Impressively, the multiplayer version of the game lets you connect with up to three other players via Bluetooth to play alongside. Additionally, players can also invite their friends via Facebook Connect to play with them. The availability of these different options to connect with friends seems to be a well thought out strategy to get the application spread virally among friends.
There are twenty tracks that come integrated with the game (The list is mentioned at the bottom of this article). Five of these tracks can be unlocked via the World tour mode. In addition to this, the game also comes with an in-game store where you may purchase additional tracks.
The price of the app is not yet clear and should only be known when the app finally becomes available for download sometime next week. However, considering that the main competitor, Tap Tap Revenge is available for99ยข, and also with EA, the
, standing to earn much more through purchase of tracks, expect the cost of the app to be pretty much in the same range.
It looks pretty good. Do you think Rock Band could displace Tap Tap Revenge, one of the most popular iPhone games on the App Store?

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