Orbit – Jailbreak App Brings Homescreen Exposé to iPhone

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As mentioned in our earlier post, Steve Troughton-Smith has already developed some cool
like Stacks for iPhone . He was the one who had figured out a way to
called Orbit that brings homescreen Expose feature to the iPhone .
Though the concept video and the demo of the iPhone app looked cool, I was a little skeptical of using it as I felt it would be difficult to figure out an iPhone app in the homescreen thumbnails as the iPhone app icons would be very small.
But surprisingly I found it to be quite functional (if I remembered the icon of an iPhone app). There was some lag in displaying the thumbnails of the iPhone homescreens the first time, but after that it was quite quick.
The initial version seems to have a bug where it seems to cache the homescreen thumbnails to avoid the lag, so if you move the iPhone apps, the change in positions don't get reflected in the homescreen thumbnails. The only workaround I could figure out was to restart the iPhone for Orbit to refresh the homescreen thumbnails.
then you should definitely checkout Orbit. You can download it on your jailbroken iPhone from Cydia Store for $1.99.
Please don’t forget to drop us a line to share your feedback about Orbit in the comments.
Thanks TimW for the tip!

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