O2 “Not Decided” On Letting Customers Unlock their iPhone After Contracts End

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Speaking to The Register, an O2 spokesman has said,
We did not offer unlocking at the end of a customer’s iPhone contract as we had the exclusive contract for the iPhone in the UK. Obviously, that situation has changed… and we are currently working through what will happen.
It is still premature to comment on the uncompetitive behavior of O2 since the company is yet to explicitly disagree to unlock the iPhone . The
is still a few weeks away, and it is possible that O2 could be planning a major marketing campaign to coincide with Orange's iPhone launch. O2 would not want their customers to leave until then which will give the company a better opportunity to get these customers to stay back.
However, from a customer's perspective, a refusal to let go of those whose contracts have actually ended does not bode well. The carriers need to realize that customers chose to go with their network in the first place because they needed an iPhone and not the other way round. Jailing customers to your network isn't particularly a good thing. It will end up forcing users to
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