New Verizon Ad Directly Attacks AT&T Coverage, Claims 5 Times Better 3G Coverage

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The ad begins with the lines “If you want to know why your 3G coverage works so well on Verizon Wireless, there's a map for that”. The voiceover goes on to say, “If you want to know why some people have spotty 3G coverage, there's a map for that too”. With a direct depiction of the network coverage of Verizon against AT&T, the commercial drives home the point about the apparently poor network coverage of AT&T against their own. The fine print at the final frame of the ad reads, “Browse the Web and download music and apps, at 3G speed, in five times more places than the nation's number two wireless carrier. Before you pick a phone, pick a network”.
Verizon announced their partnership with Google by launching the first Android powered phone today and the ad looks to be pretty well timed. Also, AT&T has had its own share of bad press in the past few weeks with Apple staff confessing to
by simply making the iPhone available on other carriers.
I think it is a clever ad by Verizon as it strikes AT&T where it hurts most. The ad is sure to have ruffled a few feathers. The good thing from a customer point of view is that competition from Verizon will force AT&T to make some customer centric moves such as
What do you think?

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