New TV Standard Could Bring Live TV To Your iPhone via In-Built TV Receiver

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The ATSC Mobile DTV signals are carried with regular digital TV broadcast signals with the help of Vestigal Sideband modulation and the IP transport system. This standard will send H.264 video and High Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding Version 2 (HE AAC v2) audio. You may also be able to play interactive TV and subscription based channels.
Mobile TV is a very successful concept in countries like Japan and South Korea. In the US too, Verizon and AT&T handsets are equipped to play the Qualcomm supported FLO TV network. However, unlike the ATSC Mobile DTV offering, FLO services are paid and are focussed on national coverage.
While this brings a very exciting prospect of watching uninterrupted TV on the move, it will be interesting to watch out for Apple 's take on this upcoming technology. The focus of Apple all along has been on digital content sales from iTunes and it is possible that Apple sees the need to build a TV receiver into the iPhone as outside their scheme of things.
That being said, mobile DTV could play a significant part in the future to decongest the carriers' bandwidths off live TV streaming
. Now that Apple is building a
, live TV might not be a distant dream.
Do you think ATSC Mobile DTV will revolutionize the way we watch TV? Please do tell us in the comments.

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