New Study Reports 38% of Jailbroken iPhones Have Pirated iPhone Apps Installed

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According to their study of over 4 million jailbroken iPhones, close to 38% of the devices tracked had a pirated app installed. A lot of this piracy happens internationally. China, Russia, Brazil and Mexico are among countries where the app piracy is at its peak. From the perspective of a country's economy, piracy is higher in those countries with lower GDP per capita.
The study claims that 60% of all paid iPhone apps that use their tracking software are pirated. And among pirated apps, 34% of all installations are cracked. These numbers might not be completely accurate as the company explains, a lot of users who pirate iPhone apps take steps to avoid detection and could even disable their tracking.
Users who pirate iPhone apps do not have it all easy though. With
, the crash rate among iPhone apps is significantly higher. This has also meant that they end up spending less time using the iPhone app than an average user.
Another interesting finding from Pinch Media is to determine the percent of users who download pirated apps just to try the iPhone app before making a purchase. The study found a pirated-to-legitimate conversion ratio of 0.43%. Compare this to a healthy 7.4% conversion rate among users who download “lite” version of iPhone applications before choosing to go paid.
There is a positive aspect to the study though – less than 5% of iPhones in countries like USA and UK are jailbroken. While the number is relatively higher in other major economies like Canada and Western Europe, the numbers are still on the lower side. A major chunk of revenues from sale of
come from these countries and with less piracy in these regions, iPhone app developers should not be losing much in terms of absolute revenues.
iPhone app developers should figure out ways to actively prevent privacy of iPhone apps just like Ben Chatelain, developer of iPhone Full Screen Web Browser, whofigured out a way to turn
It is probably the reason, Apple has started shipping
, which in turn will prevent piracy of iPhone apps.
As always, please let us know your thoughts on piracy of iPhone apps in the comments.

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